Unleash Your Inner Queen: A to Z of Living for Women

Empower Yourself and Thrive in Every Stage of Life

Dr. Simmi Roy Mishra, a doctor, and mindset coach, has spent two decades empowering women through healthcare and personal growth. In her transformative book, A to Z of Living for Women: The Journey from Surviving to Thriving, she shares the wisdom gleaned from countless interactions with women from all walks of life.

This insightful guide explores 26 key concepts, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each chapter offers practical tips and strategies to help you navigate life’s transitions, overcome challenges, and build resilience. Whether you’re balancing career and family, managing motherhood, or facing career breaks, Dr. Mishra equips you with the tools to thrive, not just survive.


Master Life's Transitions

Navigate life's inevitable changes, from building a family to managing career transitions. Dr. Mishra provides practical tips to help you adapt and grow through each new chapter.

Build Resilience and Courage

Learn to face challenges head-on and develop the inner strength to overcome obstacles. Dr. Mishra's guidance will equip you with the tools to bounce back stronger and embrace a growth mindset.

Communicate with Confidence

Discover the power of effective communication in your personal and professional life. Dr. Mishra shares strategies to express yourself clearly and advocate for your needs.


Do you feel like you’re constantly juggling responsibilities and barely keeping your head above water? Are you ready to move beyond simply surviving and truly thrive in every aspect of your life? A to Z of Living for Women is the transformative guide you’ve been searching for.

This book isn’t just another collection of inspirational platitudes. Dr. Mishra, with her extensive experience as a doctor and mindset coach, offers a practical and results-oriented approach to navigating life’s complexities. Whether you’re facing career transitions, navigating the challenges of motherhood, or simply seeking to build resilience, A to Z of Living for Women provides you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

More importantly, this book goes beyond simply helping you cope. Dr. Mishra fosters a growth mindset, encouraging you to view life’s challenges as opportunities for learning and development. By embracing this empowering perspective, you’ll unlock your inner potential and transform from a passive player on life’s chessboard to a strategic queen, capable of maneuvering through any situation with confidence and grace


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Dr. Simmi Roy

I am Dr Simmi Roy Mishra, a Medical Doctor and a certified Mindset Coach. As a doctor I have been focused on physical and mental health of women for nearly two decades. It was during my life journey, navigating through multiple changes in roles and places that I experienced challenges both in personal and professional life.