The power of emotional regulation. A guide for women.

WOMEN are told that they are

👸Pedestal worthy.

Women though feel life is down


And every woman no matter what wants the best for her.
So what’s the best gift you imagine?

Palatial home?
Swanky cars?
Vast stretched land?

Before that….

Every girl is conditioned to be a perfection.
In the deepest parts of the subconscious the thoughts are ingrained in a way that women unable to balance life perfectly equate it to emptiness and unworthyness.
They are expected to “enjoy” all the mental and physical pain associated with it.
Lack of rest is brushed aside. Existence or imposition of boundaries frowned upon.
And the entire burden of perfection is placed on her shoulders.

The teasing questions post marriage, the pampering during pregnancy and the ecstasy that family displays at childbirth, all disappear rapidly as days turn into months and months into years.

So what are you left with?

Nothing but yourself and a sea of emotions that drown you at times.

There is barely anything we can do to address the norms of society, the lack of support.

But what each of us can do is regulate our emotions.
Before it takes a toll on our physical and mental health

Because the one who suffers the most

So the best and most powerful gift you can give yourself is being emotionally regulated.

Few basic things are
💓 Emotional Audit: Watch your emotions and if required journal everyday. What are you experiencing and why

💓Self Assessment: Of your eating, sleeping and day to day activities. Each is influenced by emotions

💓 Identifying Triggers: What upsets you deeply? What makes you cry? What makes you angry? Who do you wish to avoid?

💓Self regulation: Eating on time, Sleeping soundly and practicing mindfulness, seeking help when needed is key to regulation.

A emotionally regulated woman is the powerhouse of creativity and happiness.

Do it because you deserve it

Dr Simmi Roy Mishra
Physician and Mindset Coach

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