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Financial empowerment for women
Take control of your finances

Being financially independent is liberating. Many women are creating wealth and investing
right. But there are breaks like marriage and motherhood that sometimes bring this to a

Well that’s a very natural course of life isn’t it? You can delay or not choose that’s your call.
But If you do have this on your mind the one thing that really needs to be handled is

For a long time, you have your own income and that brings varying extent of financial
freedom to you
While you may be entitled to maternity leave for 6 months, every pregnancy is different.
Every child is different. No one has any idea how the body can act up post pregnancy
You may need
Longer leave
Frequent leaves
Change of job
Be stay at home mom for extended time

All this bring your financial planning to halt and it’s UNCOMFORTABLE 😣
What can you do?
💡Have an overview of your finances
💡Invest in a health insurance without fail

💡 Save in advance atleast 3 years of insurance payments as to not default
💡 Evaluate your own monthly expense
💡See if there are spendings which can be curtailed
💡Keep atleast 50 percent of “your own spending” as a backup for minimum of 12 months
💡Keep 6 months of emergency funds saved along with your partner
💡Have a money talk with your partner
And address the issues before hand
💡Invest in skills that can be leveraged for part time jobs from home
💡Invest well in early years of career .. some gains will be around then!!

👶Baby is not responsible for any of these
You are. But when stress strikes we all suffer
There can be many reasons you want to get back to work
And never COMPROMISE your or child’s health for financial needs
A bit of planning can go a long way in keeping you stronger and happier
So take STOCK!!

Money should not be a constraint while making decisions. Keeping your life financially
comfortable should remain a priority.

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